Frequently Asked Questions

We highly recommend your kids to start the swimming at YO JING since age 5. Water exercises help a child in developing body orientation, visual tracking skills, and visual perceptual skills, gross and fine muscle coordination.
Yo Jing Swim Academy is a professional swim school, which focus on swimming instruction and water safety education. The founder of Yo Jing is Coach Yi, who was a former coach of the Chinese National Swim Team. Swimming is a life skill. Yo Jing will help you learn, develop, improve, and master the skill most efficiently and cost-effectively.

You or your kids are welcome to enroll in our classes anytime. We accept online enrollment. Please contact us for sign-up, openings info, and other inquiries

We offer 30 minutes free trial and school tour for toddlers. Please contact us for sign-up, openings info, and other inquiries.

We start with breaststroke. If you do not have any knowledge of breaststroke but proficient in freestyle and backstroke, please sign up for advanced breaststroke classes. If you have not learned how to swim previously, please sign up for breaststroke introduction classes.


We offer free level determination for students with advanced swimming knowledge and skills. Please contact our customer service for sign-up, openings info, and other inquiries.

Students need bath towels, swimsuits, goggles, slippers, and swim caps. YO JING will provide the kick-boards and swim noddles.

Our school runs year-round indoor pools in Jordan High School Natatorium. Jordan High School Natatorium has the most advanced water system, A/C system, heater, and lights control in the greater Houston area. The water temperature is always 83℉. Water quality will be tested twice per day. 

Please arrive at the pool 10 minutes before the start of class. The student may use restroom or family locker room for clothes change. Each class includes land warm-up and position correction and in-water exercise.

There is an annual $35 registration fee for each student. $25 per student for a family has more than one child. The registration fees will be assessed upon completion of the registration process, at the beginning of each swim year (January), or upon joining the team.  

Our session is month to month. All T2-T5 level swimmers are required to register at least two lessons per week at $35 per lesson. T1 level swimmers are required to take three lessons per week at $25 per lesson. 2

60 minutes for T2-T5 levels. Each class includes 6 minutes V-shape sitting, 4 minutes of warm-up, 10 minutes of dryland exercise, and 40 minutes in-water practice.

90 minutes for T1 level swimmier per class. 

For competitive swimmers at BB level or up. Contact our customer service for more information.

Our instructor and students’ ration is 1:4 at T5 level, 1:5 at T2-T4 levels, and 1:15 at T1 level. If there are not enough students signed up the class, Yo Jing keeps the right to cancel the class or reassign the registered student to another class.

Please send us prior notice if you could not attend the classes. We offer one makeup class for each session (per month) regardless of how many classes you have missed. The makeup class time will be decided at the end of each session. Our customer service will contact you ahead

We accept cash, check, Quickpay/Zella, and credit card. You have to pay a session in advance.