Breaststroke will be the first stroke suggested because of its easy learning curve and utility in open water situations. Breaststroke doesn’t need to rotate body through the movement which makes beginners feel less frustration and allow them to master body position easily. We will teach students the basics of body position, breathing, kick, catch and pull. Practicing the body position, breathing, kick, and catch and pull independently helps greatly when putting it all back together.

Age 5 and up

Basic body position, breathing, kick, catch and pull independently helps much when putting it all back together.

To swim 25 yards of Breaststroke

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60 mins


all taxes included





Monday 4PM-8PM
Tuesday 4PM-8PM
Wednesday 4PM-8PM
Thursday 4PM-8PM
Friday 4PM-8PM
Saturday 2PM-6PM
Sunday 2PM-6PM


Other Courses

YO JING Swim Academy offers swimming classes from the toddlers to master swimmers. We also provide private lessons for athletic swimmers who are willing to have the highest performance in competitive swimming. Our focus is to give the swimmers safe, fun, competitive, professional, friendly, and welcoming lessons based on their needs. Our eight levels development path covers breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and long-term training. If you need our help to decide the class level, please feel free to contact us. We may offer a school tour and free test to help you make a decision.